Boys State University Board of Trustees



The Boys State Board of Trustees consists of eight members elected for eight-year terms. The people of Boys State in a statewide, partisan, general election select the eight members. The board governs the business and affairs of the university and sets university policy. One of its most important duties is to appoint and evaluate the university president. BSU's president serves as an ex officio, or non-voting, member of the board. The trustees also clarify the institution's mission, approve long-range plans, assess the educational program, ensure financial solvency, preserve institutional independence, maintain the relationship between the university and the public, serve as a court of appeal, and protect and preserve the assets of the institution. In addition, the board retains ultimate responsibility for academic matters and reserves authority over such areas as admissions and retention policies; policies governing intercollegiate programs; faculty promotions, sabbatical leaves and tenure; establishing fees; accepting gifts; naming facilities; and a number of other initiatives.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Boys State University Board of Trustees to promote the welfare of humanity through teaching, research and service. The Board seeks to create and maintain a University that offers undergraduate and graduate education of the highest possible quality in all appropriate fields; cherishes knowledge that is legacy; preserves the best of cultural, social and political heritages; and encourages meaningful research and experimentation to develop new knowledge and subject society to a full and objective study. The Board also seeks to nurture an institution that is ever responsive to the needs of a dynamic and complex society by developing and offering programs of public service, and that disseminates information to promote the well-being and development of the people of the state, nation and world.



  • Faculty Pay Increases: BSU is facing the potential for a faculty strike in the upcoming fall semester. The BSU faculty union is calling for 5% pay increase maintaining that the past increases have not even kept up with the cost of living. This 5% increase is in addition to a 3.6% increase to make up for the cost of living increases the past 5 years. They refuse to sign a contract that has anything less than the total 8.6% raise. The faculty threatens to strike if a contract is not signed by midnight of September 30th.  A faculty strike would mean work stoppages and leave students with no classes to go to.
  • Stadium Funding: The BSU athletic Directors and Boosters are trying to get 23 million in funding to add on to the BSU Football Stadium and create a new Student Athlete Competition and Training Complex. They cite the fact that in order to stay a Division 1-A football program they need to add 10,000 seats to meet NCAA requirements. They also argue that they need the new stadium renovation and athletic complex to attract recruits to help the 2-10 football team to improve. The football ticket sales bring in the most revenue to the BSU Athletic Department and also help fund many BSU academic scholarships, however BSU season ticket sales are at their lowest point in 35 years.
  • Trademark Infringement: Three BSU female students posed nude in the March, College Coeds, issue of PlayBoy Magazine. Many upset and outraged alumni and faculty have voiced their opinion over the use of school logo by the women in the nude photo shoot. They feel that the unauthorized use of the copyrighted BSU logo by the women was in poor taste, and the placement of the logo on their bodies was disrespectful and disgraceful to the university. They argue that the female students should be reprimanded for their unauthorized use of the copyrighted university logo.
  • Alcohol Abuse: A recent survey shows that 63% of BSU students admit to having more than 4 drinks at least one night a week and the number of students who consider themselves binge drinkers has almost tripled in the last fifteen years. In May, a 19-year-old female student died of alcohol poisoning after attending a sorority formal. The girls parents have decided not to sue the university, however mounting pressure to curb the abuse of alcohol has risen dramatically recently.
  • Same Sex Partner Benefits: Gay and lesbian faculty maintain that they and their partner are be discriminated against because BSU does not extend benefits to same sex partners. There are rumors circulating that a coalition of gay and lesbian faculty will try and sue the university for discrimination. Many BSU alumni have threatened to cut off donations to the university if they approve a measure to extend benefits to same sex partners.



  1. Select a secretary from within the board to record the proceedings of the BSU Board of Trustees meetings.
  2. Work with the Governor and his cabinet in the creation of a budget that is beneficial to BSU for the fiscal year 2005. The Board will need to lobby not only the Governor, but also the legislature and the appropriate committees.
  3. Create a BSU Board of Trustees Issues and Stances guide that states and explains the Board?s views on certain university issues. The guide should address each issue that is presented on the BSU Board of Trustee?s issue sheet and any other issues that are pertinent to the welfare of the university.
  4. Create a BSU Board of Trustee?s Goals sheet that addresses the goals the Board has for students of BSU and the overall university. The goals should be stated and explain how the board will strive to accomplish and measure these goals. There should be some short-term (2006-2007) goals, as well as, some long-term goals.
  5. Answer any news briefs or letters that are given to the BSU Board of Trustees.
  6. Work closely with other branches in the Boys State government on any matters that may arise that deal with BSU.
  7. Create a BSU Board of Trustees book that records and documents all the activities of the Board during the week.
  8. Make a presentation to the governor on the last Friday of what the BSU Board of Trustees has accomplished.