Boys State Governor's Duties


  1. Submit an itemized budget to the Legislature within the first 2 days in office.
  2. Give a State of the State address to the legislature within the first 2 days of office.
  3. Create a detailed agenda within the first 2 days in office that outlines the policy concerns of the administration and how they plan to remedy these concerns.
  4. Appoint a legislative liaison, Director of the Boys State Police and a Secretary of the Budget.
  5. Appoint a cabinet composed of secretaries from the major state agencies: Transportation and Housing; Business and Commerce, Environmental Protection and Natural Resources; Food and Agriculture; Health and Welfare; and Youth and Adult Correctional Agency.
  6. As Commander and Chief of the state militia, create a state militia and establish the capacity in which it shall be used.
  7. Sign or veto legislation passed by the legislature.
  8. Work with Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General to create an Executive Branch book.

State - Legislative Branch

State - Judicial Branch

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