Boys State Secretary of State



The Boys State Department of State is run by the Secretary of State who is elected by the citizens of Boys State in a partisan election to four-year terms. Under the Boys State Constitution the Department of State is responsible for motor vehicle administration, supervising statewide elections, consumer protection for automobile owners, maintains and archives all official Boys State records, deeds and documents, and the preservation and protection of state historical sites.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Boys State Department of State is simple: to provide the taxpayer with the best return on their investment in state government. The Secretary of State?s office accomplishes this goal two ways. First, the office strives to provide the most efficient, innovative, and cost effective means of registering, administering, maintaining, and disseminating information to the taxpayers. Second, the office regulates the appropriate areas using the most effective and advanced tools available. Our goal continues to be 100% customer satisfaction.



  • Department of Elections, Commissions and Corporations: The department is responsible for elections, corporations, and a variety of central filing activities. The Bureau has significant contact with the public in many areas including the following: conduct of state elections; corporation filings; commercial filings; state agency rule-making; recording of appointments to state offices, boards, and commissions; commissioning of notaries public; and the disclosure of financial information by state agency executive employees.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles: The department serves the residents of the state and all users of Boys State highways by maintaining a system of qualifying and licensing drivers. The Bureau maintains driver history records, vehicle ownership and registration records. Through the collection of licensing and registration fees, the Bureau provides revenue to build, maintain and administer Boys State?s highways. The Bureau provides information to the public as it relates to Boys State motor vehicle laws.
  • Department of State Records and Archives: As keeper of state records and archives, the Secretary of State maintains all state records, maintains deeds and land patents, city, village and township boundary changes, soil conservation districts, and metropolitan districts and municipal authorities.


  1. Keep a comprehensive archive of all state documents, laws, patents and records.
  2. Create an Secretary of State Agenda and Goals Sheet that contains the Secretary of State?s views on current issues, such as teen age drivers license requirements, voter registration, election reform, illegal trade mark infringement, preservation and funding of state historical sites, and DMV overcrowding.
  3. Work closely with the governor and the Budget Director in the creation of a proposed budget that will be used for the fiscal 2006-2007 year.
  4. Work closely with the governor in any matters that relate to the State Department.
  5. Create a state license plate and state seal.
  6. Work with the governor and his staff on the creation of the Executive Branch book.
  7. Make a presentation to the governor on the last Friday of what the Secretary of State has accomplished.