Boys State Department of Transportation and Housing



The Department of Transportation and Housing oversees programs that plan, build, and maintain California's transportation systems, that ensure efficient and fair markets for the real estate industry, and that assist state and community efforts to expand the availability of affordable housing for a growing workforce. The BSDTH is a part of the Executive Branch of the Boys State government. Its Secretary is part of the governor?s cabinet. It is the fifth largest department of the seven Executive Departments under the Executive Branch of the Boys State government.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Transportation and Housing is to preserve and enhance the quality and livability of the state?s housing and neighborhoods and promote the economic viability, and development of the state?s neighborhoods and cities.  The BSDTH is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on the state?s public roadways and plan for the future growth of Boys State.?


Departments / Agencies



  • State Rail Authority Agency: Boys State railways carry more than 247 million tons of freight each year and serve as an integral component of our intermodal transportation center due to their proximity to ports and trucking centers. Economically, the commercial timber industry, one of the state?s major natural resources, began to grow with the arrival of the railroads in the forests in the mid-1800's. Since then, our railways have continued to transport billions of tons of wood, commercial products and other materials as well as millions of passengers. Boys State?s railways truly connect our state to the nation and the world.
  • Department of Public Transit: Buses are a vital form of transportation in Boys State, especially in rural areas and for special population groups such as the elderly. Boys State?s Department of Public Transit (DPT) strives to ensure the best possible experience for riders on its buses and that its services meet the needs of its residents.
  • Department of Highways and Infrastructure: Highways and Infrastructure supports the traveling public by promoting the development of an efficient, integrated statewide transportation system. We provide educational, technical and financial support, and federal oversight to local agencies and other transportation partners to help them succeed in meeting their transportation goals
  • Department of Traffic and Safety: The types of assistance provided include help and analyses of traffic records, including collision records to locate high collision areas; with review of traffic related ordinances on use of the department's road/street system; with analyses of locations to improve traffic safety; and with other traffic engineering topics. Responses are provided to such questions as: How to control neighborhood speeders? What signposts and guardrail ends are approved for use? What thermoplastic pavement marking material works best? How can collisions at this site be reduced? The department also works to keep the state?s many drivers and passengers safe on Boys State roads. Working to promote safe driving, the department works to educate and inform about the dangers of drinking and driving, drugs, safe driving in bad weather, and proper driving habits.




  • Housing Programs Department: Serves as the focal point for the needs assessment, development, grant application, and administration of supportive services programs and grants for residents in the Corporation's rental housing projects and homeless programs. An integral segment of the department is the management of contracts and the administration of supportive service programs targeting the attainment of safe and secure housing environments for low income, homeless, and special needs persons and families, as well as the opportunity for economic independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Property Management and Maintenance Department: Provides for the management and maintenance for assigned federal and state low-income public housing, homeless facilities, vacant land, equipment, and various other rental and subsidy programs administered by the BSDTH. This department continuously assesses the adequacy and effectiveness of the management, maintenance, and resident programs and makes necessary adjustments to meet the needs of the residents.
  • Development Department: Provides for the overall administration of the various development, re-development, and rehabilitation or modernization programs that are administered by the Corporation. This branch provides developer assistance, construction management, and technical support services to increase housing opportunities for low and moderate-income households, elderly persons, and special needs groups.
  • Financial Department: Provides for the overall administration of the various housing financing programs that are presently administered by the BSDTH. This includes allocating low-income housing tax credits, issuing tax-exempt bonds to finance the construction and/or acquisition of rental housing projects, allocating BSDTH resources, and coordinating programs for first-time home buyers. The Finance Department also provides various real estate services such as homeownership counseling, buy-backs, and land negotiation.